Women Who Draw is open to all female* professional illustrators. Women of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, religion, and geographic location are invited to join. WWD is trans-inclusive. To be a part of WWD you must: be a professional illustrator available for freelance work, have a professional website, and follow the instructions for submission.

When you submit your information along with your original illustration of a woman, make sure you check all boxes that indicate how you wish to be identified on the website. (Not checking any boxes is fine, too.) These identifiers make it possible for people to search for illustrators who are part of less visible groups, such as women of color or LBTQ+ illustrators. (We haven’t included “white” or “straight” as search functions because WWD encourages people to seek out underrepresented groups of women.) After submitting, if you followed the instructions and met the requirements you’ll see yourself on the site soon. If you do not follow the instructions or meet the requirements, you’ll receive an email letting you know why you couldn’t be added to the site.

A special call to artists: please help WWD keep going by contributing on the Support Page. Every penny will go right back into making WWD more useful and helpful for you and other women illustrators.

If you have any comments, questions or any technical issues, please contact support@womenwhodraw.com

Women Who Draw is not accepting submissions at this time.